Newscaster on Menbe’s Story: “It’s Like a Movie”

Congratulations to Menbe for winning a Jefferson Award. It’s all about paying it forward.  Making a difference one meal at a time. Bon appetit! Look for I AM MENBE coming to your local bookstore soon.


Resembling little angels in our virginal mantillas like halos over Shirley Temple curls, my fair-haired BFF Cindy and I paced in the foyer of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in our spotless white dresses. “It’s time. Are you scared?” I whispered to Cindy, her blue eyes wide. Then I let go of her hand. IContinue reading “SAINT RUTHIE”


Shortly after noon on Friday, the big yellow Thompson school bus rumbled down Monte Vista Street to drop me off in front of my house. The sun was perched at the top of the hill like a giant fuzzy peach, warming me as I trudged up the gravel path to my babysitter’s house–a duplex attachedContinue reading “COLOR MY WORLD BLACK AND WHITE”

What Came First, The Book or The Book Proposal?

In my case, I needed to lay down the tracks; get the story or at least a first draft written. Fortunately, I noticed a weekend course being offered at UCLA on How to Write & Sell a Nonfiction Book Proposal, by Agent Betsy Amster and Leigh Ann Hirschman. I suppose there is no right orContinue reading “What Came First, The Book or The Book Proposal?”

On Ghostwriting

How does one write a ghost story about a ghost? Something without a skeleton or sinew or skin. In other words, if you’re writing about a person who doesn’t have a past, has forgotten it or doesn’t want to remember (anything other than the wonderful smell of berbere sauce and buhe bread), then you areContinue reading “On Ghostwriting”