Welcome, Cuba! It’s been too long!

I’m wondering if now would be a good time to republish my first novel, Isabela’s Island: Where the sun, the sand, and ultimately, Enrique “Ricky” De La Joya — a beautiful green-eyed Cuban tennis player who defected from Cuba by walking away from a Davis Cup match in Mexico — serve to make this romanticContinue reading “Welcome, Cuba! It’s been too long!”

Apathetic in LaLa Land

I’m procrastinating again, (writing nonfiction is a tough gig) and leave my writing to peruse my Facebook where last month, there were nothing but posts about abuse, domestic violence and Ray Rice. I had nothing to post — not that I didn’t have something to say about growing up with blackened eyes — except toContinue reading “Apathetic in LaLa Land”

Christmas in Duarte

I submitted this last year for a young man (his homeys called him “Christmas”) I had the pleasure of knowing him for only a brief moment of his short 16-year old life. He was too young to die and it’s too soon to forget Chris’s smile. His homeys called him Christmas for the gifts heContinue reading “Christmas in Duarte”

What Came First, The Book or The Book Proposal?

In my case, I needed to lay down the tracks; get the story or at least a first draft written. Fortunately, I noticed a weekend course being offered at UCLA on How to Write & Sell a Nonfiction Book Proposal, by Agent Betsy Amster and Leigh Ann Hirschman. I suppose there is no right orContinue reading “What Came First, The Book or The Book Proposal?”

On Ghostwriting

How does one write a ghost story about a ghost? Something without a skeleton or sinew or skin. In other words, if you’re writing about a person who doesn’t have a past, has forgotten it or doesn’t want to remember (anything other than the wonderful smell of berbere sauce and buhe bread), then you areContinue reading “On Ghostwriting”

Virgins in Porsches

Another wannabe with blind ambition, Italian Singing Nun Sister Cristina would like to see Madonna’s face when she hears the nun singing Like a Virgin. Like, I think she would turn in her grave. Oh, wait she means the other Madonna — with Blond Ambition who POPularized being a virgin grossing lots of moolah fromContinue reading “Virgins in Porsches”

Do You Pop Out at Parties? Boots or Huaraches?

Speaking of Presidents, Poop, Paltrow and Parties (yesterday’s blog), do you pop out at parties? Do you feel unpoopular? Well, do you? This is something I’d like to explore about myself and welcome your comments and feedback. We all feel different at times and sometimes unpopular. I know I have and it’s all about perspective,Continue reading “Do You Pop Out at Parties? Boots or Huaraches?”

The President, The Poop Pump and Paltrow

SHut up, suit up and show up. It’s a dirty job, but some of us only get to pilot a client’s yacht to the poop pump. Mooring with a failed engine, a tricky maneuver especially when dumping waste at the pump. But, hey, we all do what we gotta do, and as I jump fromContinue reading “The President, The Poop Pump and Paltrow”