Day of the Dead Weight

Today, November 1, is the actual “Day of the Dead”;

a good day to get rid of the dead weight.

I read a NY Times blog about a woman who crossed

the New York City Marathon finish line

twenty-five pounds lighter–just the motivation I need.

She’d cut back on carbs and alcohol. Not so easy.

So, after a hard-boiled egg and an afternoon of tennis,

I’ve come home, showered and before returning to my laptop

to do my writing (Facebooking), I grab an apple,

ignoring the call of the wild chilled Chardonnay.

A FB story (perhaps satirical, but true) pops up

about alcohol and fats. Interesting —

The Japanese eat no fat, the French eat lots of it,

each suffering fewer heart attacks than British or Americans.

Italians drink excessive red wine and pasta;

Germans drink lots of beer and sausages.

Again, fewer heart attacks. In conclusion, the story reads:

“Eat and drink what you like; speaking English is apparently what kills you.”

I chuckle, careful not to utter an English word as I sprint

to the cupboard for some potato chips, then open

the fridge to pour myself a glass of Chardonnay.

But wait–I stop to think:

Nunca mas voy a hablar ingles.

Voy a tomar Tequila y comer chicharones.


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